Rigamonti ReTrade is a fundamental branch of a group of Italian companies expert in the fields of Real Estate, Hospitality and Design; the Rigamonti Group is the union of leading companies operating independently in a broad and complete sphere of action, aimed at customer satisfaction, the development of new business, growth and optimization of “network systems” with modular and quality solutions; the result of the synergy between the companies  of the Group and the constant analysis of national and international markets.

Rigamonti ReTrade imports and exports to its customers the best typical products of trading, at the most competitive prices on the market. Our corporate, professionalism and commitment allows us to grow more and become a real reference point for clients in a several important areas including: Russia, Australia, Canada, USA, Middle East and South America.


Thanks to the experience gained in years of operation in many
business sectors, the Group (grupporigamonti.com) made up of several companies, has given rise to this commercial, national and international trading of Rigamonti ReTrade.
The Rigamonti ReTrade is a liaison point for agents in the retail & stock sector.
Our sales and costumer care allows us to filter the best products on the market, widening the range of offers more and more.


Our strength is dictated by the sale of only excellent products from food, design & architecture, commercial and major trading sectors. We are guided by professionalism, competence and passion of our team that always aims at updating the products and high standards, each one specializing in our own field of our trading.

Thanks to the synergy of Rigamonti ReTrade and Rigamonti ADV Design, the vast experience gained in international marketing allows us to improve and meet the needs of our customers, even the most demanding, every day through studies by our experts.

The aim is to represent and collaborate with all local and foreign importers who aim to become Leaders in the main markets and in the promotion of their products. This has allowed us to become the main partners of today’s Market Leader.


Our mission is inspired by the solidity and dedication in our work and this make us influential in trading and in the market, reflecting Rigamonti ReTrade’s know-how, the quality output, dictated by our team of professionals, and only the best products for each product area.
We research, select and distribute only excellence; from the food and wine, salami, desserts, cheeses to anything else required by our customers of the excellences of the wonderful Italian territory known all over the world.


Our importance in the market indentifies us as concrete trading company because it buys directly from the producer with the selection of the best raw materials and reselling to our customers. The Rigamonti ReTrade has established relationships with experts from different sectors to increase the quality of “Made in Italy”, prospecting trading with the foreign market to expand its sales chain. Our main suppliers are producers of small and medium sized businesses, all associated with the unique dedication to their goods, and the dedication with which they work for the search for and obtaining Italian particularity and quality.

Rigamonti RE TRADE

Head Office: 26, Via Antonio Bertoloni 00197 Rome Italy
Call Center: +39 06 85356260

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